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About K. Godin

About K. Godin

Debut author K. Godin lives in beautiful Ontario Canada with her husband and three dogs. When she isn’t hiding in her office typing away, she spends her time reading, painting, spending time with her horse or daydreaming of the fictional worlds she gets lost in. 

Her passion for writing started early and she has always had a knack for it. She excelled in her high school English classes and decided to pursue a general arts degree after graduation. However, after her first year, she knew that college just wasn’t for her and found herself working for a local animal shelter. After spending nearly a decade there, her path changed again and she began her own business all while creating those fantastic stories in her mind once again.

Legend of the Huntress is a marvellous epic fantasy that readers will fall in love with. This New Adult novel is perfect for those searching for a magnificent tale of love, honour and self-growth.  Legend of the Huntress is sure to capture the imagination and heart of its reader and is the start of a whimsical series.

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